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While Android scores brownie points over iPhone in terms of customization and flexibility, even the most ardent Android fan might agree to the fact that the amount of info that the Android home screen presents to the user is overwhelming at times. Each version of the OS had contributed to more widgets, news feeds and other features, resulting in the user getting constantly bombarded with more data. Larva Labs, the makers of Battle for Mars Android game, has come up with a solution, the Slide Screen app for Android that loads the said information on the home screen in an innovative fashion, in one screen.

The App

The Android Slide Screen app follows a hierarchy system to present you on events such as missed calls, SMS, emails, calendar appointments, and news stories, to name some of them. Each type of message has its own color coded section, with primary alerts occupying the top of the screen, and secondary alerts, most of the times SNS, coming at the bottom of the screen. The status bar occupies the middle, which can be slid up or down to increase the exposure given to certain elements on the home screen.

Android Slide Screen mobile application

If you are not touching the Slide Screen app for Android, it will move around the different elements to ensure that the newest entries always get your attention. In other words, if you have not received any text message, but there are six new email messages, the app will automatically hide the SMS bar, and expand the email one. Further, each tab has further quick links to fire up the various features of the concerned app.

Slide Screen Android application can be used in two different ways. It can either be chosen as a complete home screen replacement or as a standalone app that brings together all your data in one place.

On the downside, Slide Screen blocks some of Android’s own features such as the Android power manager widget, which is a home screen-exclusive item that does not appear in the app drawer.

Final Thoughts

Given the fact that the newest Android versions come with as many as seven home screens, the Slide Screen comes as a much needed breather to heavy widget users as the app manages to condense all of that data into just one screen, to facilitate easy access. Those tracking email, SMS, calendar and SNS will find the app quite useful. Even though the app does lock out some of Android’s core elements, it comes as a handy option to most users. Slide Screen app is licensed at $6.99 for one year, even though a free version is also available but with unobtrusive advertisements at the bottom.

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