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Android platform’s open nature has helped developers to create new applications, and sell it in the Android market without having to pass through stringent approval process. However, this has raised some concern as far as securities of Android users are concerned, and the same was confirmed last month when Google had to pull out 20 malicious apps from the market place for attempting to gain access to user mobile phones. The Webroot Mobile Security app for Android is intended to prevent such transgressions, and protect the users from such unscrupulous attacks. A stripped down version of Webroot Mobile Security app for Android is available for free download, while its full versions comes at a price tag of $14.99.

The Application

Once Android Webroot Mobile Security app is installed in your smart phone, it runs an antivirus and alerts the user should there be anything suspicious. Like in your PC antivirus, you can schedule the scan frequency as per your convenience. Webroot scans apps before they are installed, checks URLs and web links for potential phishing threats, blocks unwanted calls and text messages, ensure that key settings are secure, and informs the user as to which app have access to your personal information in the mobile device.

Android Webroot Mobile Security app

The Webroot Mobile Security application is easy to install, and given its file size, it does not drain the battery even if it continues to run quietly in the background. While scanning, it does not slow down the phone either.

Other security features in the app includes remote locking of the mobile device in the event of theft/loss and the option to remotely wipe personal information stored in the mobile. Further, you can set the device to scream – a loud alert – to help you locate the device if you can’t find your phone in your apartment or a crowded pub. Above all, if you happen to lose your smart phone somewhere, you can still get the Webroot to send you a Google map link with the phone’s current location.

Final Thoughts

Given the security risks that lurk around us in the cyber world, it is worthwhile to have Webroot app in your Android device. It is effective, easy to use, and come with many features of an internet security suite, if not all of them. For most users, Webroot’s free version should do the job. If you wish to have more comprehensive protection, go for Webroot’s paid version that comes with a price tag of $14.99.

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