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DropText is a text editor for iPhone that syncs automatically with your DropBox account. DropText app for iPhone is just like any other text editor on surface. But it distinguishes itself from similar apps in two aspects: it is useful whether you have a keyboard or not, and it syncs with the user’s DropBox account. Those who don’t know what DropBox is, it is a tool that shares a folder seamlessly between any or all PCs and mobile phones of your choice. Since iPhone lacks a file management system, DropText covers for this shortcoming by linking to DropBox. DropText can be downloaded from AppleStore for $0.99/annum.

The App

The iPhone DropText app interface is clean. On launching the app, you are welcomed by your DropBox folder, having a new DropText folder in it. Creating a new text file though is a bit hidden. In order to do that, press ‘Edit’ on top right corner, and now a “+” button appears, allowing you to create a new file. Once text file is created, press the button on the top right and enter a filename, in order to save the file.

DropText - Best Text Editor app

If you use DropText for basic coding, you can even enter different MIME extensions such as .php, .html etc. Once saved, you can access your file from any of your other DropBox enabled devices.

However, DropText is not without its inevitable short comings. For example, while drafting different versions of a text file, user can’t “Save As” the file like in MS Word. The best one could do is to select all, copy, and then paste the text into a new file. Also, the app misses the ‘auto save‘feature, which would have been quite easy to implement. On the positive side, it is possible to change the font-size of text in the app since iPhone4 can handle still lower size fonts than DropText’s default font size.

Final Thoughts

Save few of the abovementioned shortcomings, DropText application still pass off as one of the utility apps you can have in your iPhone, thanks to its essential features, simplicity, and seamlessness. When used in conjunction with a Bluetooth keyboard, the app adds a new dimensions altogether to iPhone’s functionality. Above all, DropText app for iPhone is efficient, easy to use, and comes relatively cheap at $0.99 per license.

Verdict: Certainly a handy app you should not mind trying out in your iPhone.

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