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Pageonce Pro app for Blackberry is a personal finance management tool that helps you organize and track the different aspects of your finances right from a single application. More specifically, Pageonce Pro lets you manage everything from your online bank accounts, stocks and finances, and credit card accounts to flier miles, text/data usage in your Blackberry and even your total minutes from one place, thereby not requiring the users to download multiple apps in to their Blackberry to meet all these functionalities. The Pageonce Pro Blackberry app is available for download from Blackberry App World for 6.99 USD.

Features of Pageonce Pro

Blackberry Pageonce Pro app has a very simple, intuitive, and easy to decipher type of user interface. The home screen shows six blocks, which collectively display available cash, payment overdue, investments amount, credit card debt, real-time alerts and a built-in tax center. Clicking on any of those blocks will bring into fore a comprehensive list of all the previously entered accounts under each category. Simple as that.

Blackberry Pageonce Pro App

Adding an account is easy, and one could do so manually or automatically. Once you have all your accounts entered, you can view them, modify or edit each one of them anytime. The app automatically refreshes all account information upon opening/closing. Pageonce Pro also has a feature wherein you could obtain the chart/graph of the account history of user account(s), on a monthly/annual basis.

Other features of Pageonce Pro Blackberry application include dated reminders, account notifications, real-time alerts and detailed bill and account statements of your various accounts added to the application. There are a multitude of alerts to choose from so that you can pick the alert you wish to hear in each situation.

Final Thoughts

Pageonce Pro app for Blackberry comes as a handy all-in-one finance management application for all those busy people out there, who always find it tough to timely manage the bill due dates, loan and credit card repayments, stocks and investment updates, and even data usage and flier miles earned overtime. Feature wise, the app is quite robust, well-rounded, and extremely user friendly for most parts. Even a first time won’t take much time to learn the various utilities and features of the application. Overall, an excellent easy-to-use budget-assistance/monitoring program to have in your Blackberry device. The Pageonce Pro app for Blackberry costs $6.99, which is quite reasonable given the multitude of functionalities provided by the application.

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