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It is a truth that our Blackberry handsets contain files, photos, applications, and other personal information that you do not want others to find out or use. AppLock is an application that lets you lock down your apps, emails, and folders using a password. In other words, the app lets you lock sensitive information in your Blackberry phone selectively without having to locking down the whole device. The AppLock app is available from the Blackberry App Store for a price tag of $0.99 per license.

Features of AppLock App

The installation of AppLock Blackberry app is a cake walk, and should be over in less than a minute. While going through the initial setup, you’ll be asked to specify a password, which you need to type in every time later on when you open AppLock.

Now, on opening the app after typing in the password, you’ll see the screen on which you can choose the things you want to lock down. The options available include Native Apps, 3rd Party Apps, email, and folders, and by scrolling up/down using the track pad, you can lock the specific objects you wish to lock.

Blackberry AppLock App

It is observed that once you lock down a particular folder in your SD card using AppLock, it automatically hides the said folder from the view that someone exploring the SD card won’t realize that such a folder indeed exists.

On the bottom-half of the screen are the autolock preferences. This includes the ‘ask password’ option, wherein you can specify when the app should ask the user to enter the password, and an option to specify if the app should request password once the backlight goes off or the phone locks by itself after sometime. Also featured is a LockNow button that lets you reactivate the lock from the menu rather than having to go to the app. There is also an option to deactivate protection altogether anytime, if you are pretty sure that you are the only person using the Blackberry, and there is no risk of intrusion.

Final Words

AppLock app for Blackberry gives what it promises. It effectively locks down your folders and files from external access. However, the app comes with a price tag of $0.99, unlike some excellent lockdown-apps with Android, which are available for free. But given its many features, the said price tag can’t be touted as any high either.

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