Mr. Potato Head: School Rush Android App Review

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The Character of Mr. Potato Head has been a favourite among kids, ever since it was launched in the 1950s. The brand has evolved over time and has become a well-recognized toy internationally, especially after its inclusion in the Toy Story franchise. The Mr. Potato Head: School Rush is the first interactive story based on the characters from the Mr. Potato Head line from Hasbro. Although this Android app is primarily meant for kids, there is a lot of joy packed in for adults who are looking to relive their childhood memories. So, let us take a closer look at the app and see how it helps us.

A Spud-tacular Adventure!

As said before Mr. Potato Head: School Rush is the first interactive story app for Potato freaks on the Google Play Store. Players can tap, swipe and tilt their phone to guide Mr. Potato Head through this amazing journey and try to keep him in one piece. At one time, you might be battling pirates on the high seas, and in another chapter, you might be encountering aliens from a distant planet. If you are just in the mood for some good ol’ fun then you can just grab the character and shake him up till his eyes, ear, and nose fall off and then you can put them back together.

The Mr. Potato Head: School Rush app has an immersive storytelling experience that would keep your little one as well as you hooked for hours.

The Features

  1. A cinematic thriller experience
  2. Customizable costume and parts for your character
  3. Discover as many as 8 fun locations like a pirate ship, outer space, ocean, construction site, junkyard, and the Parts Emporium
  4. The user can swipe away the narration blocks for more immersive gameplay. Keeping them allows for improving reading skills.


Mr. Potato Head: School Rush is an Android app that is fun and educational at the same time.  This makes it the perfect app for kids of all ages. So, download the app today and get ready for an amazing adventure with the all-time favorite character of Mr. Potato Head.


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