Nighty Night Circus Android App Review

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Bedtime stories have always been a part of the ritual of growing up. It is also the time when the parent and child bond together. But what if you could give your child a better experience than reading from the ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’? Well, now you have that. You can download the Nighty Night Circus app from the Google Play Store. This is not just an app but an interactive experience that is much better than reading a storybook. Let us delve a bit deeper and find out more about the app.

Get a Better Bedtime Experience

The Nighty Night Circus app takes bedtime storytelling to a whole new level offering a more immersive experience. Kids will find themselves in a circus setting where they will interact with animated characters like the lion, elephant, sale, rabbit, bear, snake, and owl.

The characters would do tricks for your child to keep them entertained before going to sleep. When it’s time for bed, you can just blow off the candles or switch off the lights and send the children and the little ones to sleep. That’s the cutest way to put your kid to sleep, isn’t it? The animation is done by Oscar-nominated artist Heidi Wittlinger. So, you know the artwork is going to be inspirational for your young artist as well. So, if your child finds reading stories to be boring, then this would be a nice alternative.


  1. Amazing artwork and animation
  2. Variety of tricks that will keep your child entertained
  3. Beautiful lullabies and stories
  4. Narration is available in 6 languages including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and more.


When you are looking for something better for your child, then the Nighty Night Circus app is one of the best option for you. The app is available in Google Play Store and can be bought for $3.99.  The app has a magical setting full of animations and colour that keeps your child interested and entertained. So, download the app today and make bedtime even more fun.

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