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Having mText2Speech in your iPhone is like carrying 100 language translator in your pocket. Using the app, you can create voice recordings, hear the words and sentences in any language and share your translations with your friends. mText2Speech – Text to Speech with Auto Translate iPhone app may be downloaded for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.


mText2Speech for iPhone allows you translate your text with 100 language options. Hundred languages and over 300 language places will make sure that you will understand everyone, no matter where you are. It is ideal for travellers. The app is also easy to use. Just type in a word or sentence in any language and hear it translated into the main language of your choosing in a natural sounding voice. mText2Speech app automatically detects the input language of the typed text and translates it to your main languages. Just shake your device to start or stop reading all translations or a recording.


mText2Speech for iPhone also has a notepad feature that let you write full sentences and the app will automatically detect and translates it into your main language. Further, the app saves all of your previous translations (original and translated texts) in a familiar messaging format so that you can quickly scroll back and interact with them. The app is also perfect for language learning and comes handy to students who are learning multiple languages in college. To that end, users may create MP3 recordings containing audio from multiple translation, and listen at their own convenience. The UI of mText2Speech app for iPhone is thoughtfully designed. The layout is user friendly. It is also easy enough to navigate. The app also provides a one touch option to share your MP3 and text translations through Twitter, Facebook or email. mText2Speech requires iOS 8.0 or higher.


mText2Speech – Text to Speech with Auto Translate iPhone app bridges language barriers like never before. The app provides reliable language translation between 100 languages. The results are found to be largely accurate. Automatic detection of input language is a nice touch, so is the option to save all the previous translations in a messaging format. The notepad feature comes handy if you want translations of full sentences rather than words. The UI layout is user friendly. We found the app to be stable and responsive as well. Check it out if you are in the lookout for a translator app with text to speech feature.

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