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If you’re a beginner just learning to play an instrument, you may find a song that you wish to learn to play, but the song is new or not so popular yet and you can’t find the chords or the tablature on Internet. But you got a helping hand. Here is an app, MusicTrans, which let you can take any song and analyze it from different perspectives. It suggests notes as well as provides several tools that’ll help you in understanding the songs better. You can download MusicTrans app for $9.99 from Google Play Store.


MusicTrans app for Android apparently does a very complex thing, pretty simply. You can imagine how complex it would be for a musician to transcribe music heard aurally into physical notes on a page? MusicTrans app does that automatically and shows you suggested notes graphically, thus making your job a lot easier. To start with, MusicTrans for Android loads your songs of choice, and arrange them into neat waveforms for review. On some songs, you just need to look at the screen to recognize the bass lines, and then the chord changes, without touching any setting. If you want to slow down a section that is confusing you, the app can do it all the way down to 25% of the original tempo without affecting the pitch.

MusicTrans Android App

Further, the app provides several filters to mute some parts of the sound, leaving only those parts in which you are interested in. You will not only hear the song differently, but also the graphical analysis of the notes will reflect what you are listening at all times. On mixing, you can use the actual sound board to boost the bass, treble or vocals in any track. Also, the app comes with a real-time fairly accurate keyboard impression of your waveform. Every millisecond is transcribed immediately into note suggestions, therein letting you handle chord clusters in no time. The UI of MusicTrans app for Android is not as simple as it gets. It’ll take some time before you’ll get a hang of it. But once you’d managed to figure out what buttons do what, none could stop you from being a transcribing master. The app comes with a generous volume of documentation to help you out should you stuck somewhere. MusicTrans app requires Android OS 4.0 or higher.


MusicTrans for Android gives you various tools to analyze the songs better. It suggests notes therein helping you with the transcribing job. The app provides several filters that mute selected parts of the sound so that you can focus on the part you’re interested in. It is also possible to slow down a section of the song without losing the temp. The UI is a bit complex. But that is understandable given the array of features it offers. It also comes with a generous volume of documentation should you require a reference. To sum it up, a perfect companion for aspiring artists as well as seasoned musicians.

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