Warship Solitaire iPhone App Review

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Warship Solitaire is a challenging yet fun logic puzzle game from the stable of Nexx Studio. But you can’t miss its similarities from the two player classic game Battleship. The player’s objective is to locate the hidden enemy ships on the map, using the given hints and the number indicators within the map. Warship Solitaire game app can be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.


Warship Solitaire app for iPhone consists of a grid, with columns divided both horizontally and vertically. Each of the column is represented by a number between 0 to 4, therein telling you how much ships are there in each column. In each level, you got to discover a ship made out of 3 parts, 2 ships made out of 2 parts and 3 ships made out of 1 part. As there are six squares to one column, the right technique is to navigate through the grids and find every ship while obeying the game rules of every column. Warship Solitaire app for iPhone has over 125 levels of challenging yet solvable puzzles by pure logic and deduction. The app provides auto-save option so that you can continue right from where you’d left off.

Warship Solitaire iPhone Game App

Even though Warship Solitaire iPhone game app is pretty straightforward, you might get a bit puzzled when you start off. But once you get used to the logical way of solving the puzzles, it will be a fun experience altogether. Typical of such puzzlers, the difficulty levels increase as you progress. You can have as much as three hints per level that you can use to locate the ship parts. It is to be noted however that these hints comes at a price. For a dollar, you’ll get 15 hints and this should serve you well for five levels. But these types of games are usually played until you get frustrated. So we can’t help but wonder how well these hints are going to sell?


Warship Solitaire app for iPhone is a fun and challenging puzzler game that keep you glued to the screen. The game play gets difficult as you progress through the levels. You can make use of the hints to find the ship parts. The game has great re-playability value. If you get bored, simply put it away for few hours and come back later and try again. Overall, an interesting puzzler that reminds you of the Battleship.

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