Carcassonne iPhone Game App Review

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Carcassonne app for iPhone is a German based multiplayer board game for iPhone users around the globe. More of a tile placing and tile revealing game play, the application really does demand your strategy and creativity to be put into best use. Carcassonne costs $9.99 in the iTunes App Store and is compatible with all iPhones having iOS 5.1.1 or later. For users who are looking for a cool, classic board game, Carcassonne app should really match or maybe exceed their requirements.


Carcassonne game app for iPhone can be played by two to five players at a time, whether computer controlled or human. The objective is to place different tiles together and construct cities, roads, walls, farm houses and many more to earn points and scores. Each player should decide how and where to place the random tile so that a new object or city place is created. When all of the tiles are placed and completed, the player with the highest score wins. Though this is the main simple objective, there is a lot more content in depth to be understood in detail to actually start being successful on each level. For more assistance, there is a tutorial provided in the beginning with both visual and voice aids that help understand the game better.

Carcassonne iPhone Game App

Carcassonne app for iPhone has a very nice interface that maintains a medieval or historic theme throughout. The music played in the background is very soothing and relaxing which suits the mood of such a game. Though the application is of quite a large size, there aren’t any lags experienced during the game-play. The movement through menus, screens and options are fast with first-rate graphics and effects, taking the overall quality of the game to greater heights. The most striking feature of the game should be its scope for multiplayer game-play. You can create a player, create a game and invite other users online or straight search, find and join a game by sending requests or accepting invitations. Push notifications can be enabled for such invitations and requests. The game provides enough space for around five players to accommodate their strategies and create a perfect competition of sorts during the game. The game will demand great concentration throughout as even a tiny mistake may benefit the other player very much. The only drawback is that as more players play, he game will go on for hours sometimes. Still the game for all its other positives will not let you regret for the time spent.


Carcassonne app for iPhone therefore is everything that a multiplayer board game should have. Strategic game play, intuitive interface, top notch graphics and a lot more positive features make it a perfect gaming application for iPhone users. Try it out to experience another perfect mobile board game.

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