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Notes+ for iPhone is a loaded note taking applications that comes with the usual bells and whistles, and some more. It is designed for jolting down quick and shorter notes rather than long note taking sessions during a lecture. You can get Notes+ app for £1.49 from iTunes App Store.


Notes+ app for iPhone is a rapid multimedia note taking app, featuring intuitive gesture driven control. For example, you only got to pinch apart to add new items, anywhere in a note, or simply press and hold any item to select and reorder. Further, swipe an item to the left to delete or to the right to share. You can share the whole note or a part of the note via email or text message. By ‘pinch apart’, you can add Text, Bullet & checkbox lists, Photos, Video recordings, Audio recordings, Sketches etc. Apart from jolting down quick thoughts or even a grocery list, Notes+ app for iPhone also let you add photos or record audio and video, or even small sketches in case a user is inclined to do so habitually.

Notes+ iPhone App

It appears that the developers of Notes+ for iPhone focused more on functionality rather than its looks. The app design and layout are unappealing, even though it is pretty easy to use. With few simple gestures, you can get almost everything done in this app, whether it is jolting down a note, sharing a note or closing it after use. The app is stable and responsive. Notes+ app requires iOS 7.0 or later.

Final Thoughts

Notes+ for iPhone has a un-Apple like looks. The design as well as the inherent color scheme is a bit uninspiring. But in terms of functionality, and ease of use, it tops many of its competitors. Whether it is jolting down a note, adding a audio, or sharing a portion of the note via email, the app’s intuitive gesture driven control makes it a virtual no-job. However, Notes+ is not designed for longer note taking sessions. To sum it up, a perfect app to take notes on the go, recording meetings and events or jolt down some quick sketches. Given its features and usability, the price tag of £1.49 does not seem too high either. Check it out if you’re in the lookout for a robust note taking app that is easy to use.

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