My Pocket Coach App for iPhone Review

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Researchers say 40% of decisions we make every day is based on our habits. If our habits are good enough, we make the right decisions. My Pocket Coach app for iPhone help you do just that – to build and practice the right habits in your daily life. Conversely, the app also helps you break the unwanted habits you currently have. My Pocket Coach iPhone app can be downloaded for free. However, the free version let you track only 3 habits. To have more, you got to perform an in-app upgrade worth $4.99.

My Pocket Coach App Features

My Pocket Coach app for iPhone basically let you cultivate the right habits. You can add your own custom habit or choose one from the habit library. The app then tracks your success rate towards each habit or goal for a period over three months (90 days). However, adding the associated fields corresponding to each habit that you enter can be a bit overwhelming. You got to do some typing to fill out each habit, and it can be a bit of turn off for some users at least, if not everyone.

My Pocket Coach App for iPhone

My Pocket Coach iPhone app let you set reminders, view reports and graphs, not to mention the option to share your progress with friends with ease. It also displays a motivational quote every time you start up the app. The app comes with a detailed tutorial that will be handy to new users; For additional features such as unlimited habits, the option to add your photos, track and exports statistics, DropBox sync, auto journal, and option to customize the interface, you got to pay up $4.99. With just 3 habits, the app is virtually useless and much limited in its scope. To enjoy full benefits of the application, you got to have the full fledged version. My Pocket Coach application is compatible with iOS versions 4.3 or higher.


My Pocket Coach app for iPhone let you kick some habits and cultivate some other. The app got an easy enough user interface, even though defining your habits can be a bit cumbersome if you prefer to get into the finest details of the same. The motivational quote that displays itself when you fire up the app can be inspiring. Lack of features in the free version might force one to make the upgrade. Verdict: Try it out if you want to kick some bad habits and imbibe new productive ones in your personal/professional life.

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