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We have all been there: arrive at the airport before time to receive someone, only to find the flight delayed for another couple of hours. Just Landed app for iPhone will free you from such otherwise unavoidable predicaments by pinging you when it is just the right time to leave for the airport. The app combines up-to-the minute flight data with GPS based location services to show you the way when the time is right. Just Landed iPhone app can be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes App store.

Just Landed App Features

There isn’t ever a perfect time to pickup someone at the airport. Just Landed app for iPhone however makes your job a lot easier by telling when you should leave to reach there on time. You only need the airline code and flight number to get started. The interface is incredibly simple, with just a single search box and a ‘find flight’ button. The app sends out push notifications with sound effects when the plane takes off, gets delayed or eventually lands. The user interface is concise and easy to understand; a banner changes colors based on the flight status (for e.g. red for delayed), while an interesting fuel gauge graphics displays how long before you must leave for the airport from home. You’ll also be updated on the terminal to head to. However, as the app uses GPS location based services to identify your current location, this prediction is only as good as the reliability of your GPS. Just Landed iPhone app uses Apple Maps to show you the best routes to the airport from where you are at the moment.

You can also text the person you’re supposed to meet at the airport from within the app. If your starting location has changed in the meantime, the app will recalculate your arrival time based on the new coordinates. On the downside, if you don’t know the flight number of your plane, it is a real pain. iPhone Just Landed app provides no other means to look up the flights arriving at a particular airport. Just Landed is compatible with iOS 5.0 or higher. The application is optimized for iPhone 5.


Just Landed app for iPhone realizes a useful concept. It tells you when exactly to leave for the airport and which terminal to arrive at, based on flight schedule and the possible traffic snarls you might have on your way. The bottom line is that there is no more waiting around in the airports before the flight eventually lands. Verdict: Highly recommended, if you got a frequent flier in your family.

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