Artwork Evolution App for iPhone Review

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Artwork Evolution app for iPhone let you create abstract artwork without any brushes or traditional fine arts skills. Artwork Evolution makes it possible to create something beautiful with your fingers. And you don’t have to have real artistic talent to do that. Artwork Evolution iPhone app can be downloaded for a rather hefty $2.99 from iTunes App Store.

Artwork Evolution App Features

Artwork Evolution app for iPhone is unique. You begin with 100 pieces of abstract art with various shape, size, forms and color. Tap ‘Select’ the ones you like – choose as many as you wish – and tap ‘Evolve’ button; a whole new array of 100 art pieces will be evolved from the ones you’ve selected. These are your own creations that none has seen before. According to the app’s developer(s), each image contains digital DNA, which describes how to draw an image. Every time images are evolved or mutated the DNA is modified to vary the colors, structures, and forms. So when you tap ‘Evolve’, you’re setting into motion a process of digital evolution that is unique and one-time. Once you got your 100 works of abstract art, you can select few more and evolve it again to generate another 100 (or as many as you wish). And you don’t have to be a talented artist to do this. It just takes an artistic eye and few taps on the screen.

Artwork Evolution App for iPhone

Simply tap an image to show options to Save to the “My Saved Album” or blow it up full-screen. You can use your art as wallpapers or background in other apps. Those found print-worthy may be printed and framed to adorn your walls. Artwork Evolution application is designed to work with iOS versions 4.0 or higher.

Final Thoughts

If you wish to create some different artwork with your limited artistic skills, try out Artwork Evolution iPhone app. It is pretty simple to generate or evolve abstract designs from existing ones. Like in biological evolution, you can go ahead and recreate and mix image DNAs to generate new interesting ones. Sharing options come handy to send your art to friends/family. And the app is universal; it works across all iDevices. Lack of SNS integration however is an apparent downside. To sum it up, Artwork Evolution app for iPhone is just the ideal tool to create decent abstract artworks, even if you got limited artistic talents.

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