MySpace Mobile App for iPhone Review

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Social networking sites are getting more popular among people worldwide. MySpace is one of the most favorite social networking sites. Now iPhone users can enjoy all the features of MySpace online community through new innovative MySpace Mobile application. This mob app lets to take your favorite online community with you everywhere. Whatever you want to share, discover, connect or communicate, everything is possible through the sophisticated MySpace Mobile app.

Highly Integrated MySpace Experience

The MySpace Mobile iPhone app provides really excellent and structured social networking experience. This new mob app provides instant accessibility to your favorite MySpace global network. You can enjoy all the best MySpace features customized on your iPhone. You can send and receive messages, stay up-to-date with friend updates, upload pictures and much more. It provides the facility to browse photo albums and check out various profiles. Viewing and adding friends, pictures and comments are easy. The whole application is user-friendly, deeply optimized and exclusively designed for iPhone screen. Users can simply navigate through the screen and quickly access all the features.


Robust and Creative Features

After logging into MySpace Mobile, the home page is displayed with your profile picture. The home page provides a more truncated and organized version of MySpace webpage that includes all familiar menu features. Main menu features include My Profile, Friends Status and Mood, Friend Updates, Bulletins, Comments and Settings. The mail option is similar to normal mail app that allows to view your mailboxes. There is also an option to update your status. Comment option is simple and it allows you to commenting back and messaging. You can send messages to your friends. You can add more friends using this app and update your profile whenever you like. The app also lets you to upload pictures and also view your friend’s pictures. You can simply upload photos from your iphone to your profile, photo section and blogs. You can also read your favorite blogs and post your own blogs.


With MySpace Mobile app for iPhone, you can stay connected with your friends wherever you go. You can seamlessly traverse the MySpace online community on the go and you can easily access all your favorite features. The rich and functional app design covers the core aspects of social networking and ensures a natural feel for iPhone users. If you regularly use and update MySpace, this is a worthy application to download in your iPhone. The MySpace Mobile is completely free for iPhone users. You can download easily from App Store.

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