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When Microsoft first introduced their One Note software as part of the Office Suite, many people were a bit confused as to what the software was actually supposed to do. Note-taking software as a separate category from word processing software is a relatively new concept and there are not that many apps out there that can really do this new genre justice. Fortunately, one of those apps is available for Android in the form of Evernote.

Create notes of multiple kinds

One thing that Evernote Android App will give you right off the bat is flexibility in the types of notes that you can take. Not only can you create normal text notes, but Evernote App for Android will also give you the ability to create a note based on audio as well as a note based on a snapshot that you can take with your cell phone. You can even upload other files into notes and create notes that are a combination of multimedia and text should the need arise.


Synchronization is the key

What makes Evernote Android App so popular is not so much what it can do but more so how it can do it. All of the functionality that Evernote app for Android has built into its software package is functionality that you can enjoy across all of the electronic devices that you have. If you have a couple of handheld devices, a laptop computer and a desktop computer, you could end up finding that Evernote for Android can help you keep your notes synchronized between all of those electronic devices. In terms of time-saving amounts over the course of the long term, that is an absolutely invaluable service.

Heavy synchronization abilities

Evernote is so good with synchronization that you can even use it in cases where you are dealing with a number of different systems that are not normally compatible with each other. If you have electronic devices running different operating systems, all you need to do is use Evernote for the Android in order to sync different things between them. There is no hassle involved because Evernote is specifically designed with those hard cases in mind.

Final Score

If you are someone that loves taking and sending notes between your different systems, Evernote Android App is definitely a piece of software that you can get immediate use from. To show our faith in Evernote app for Android, we’ve given this free app a final score of 9 out of 10.

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