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Okay, so pickup lines are not necessarily the best tools that you can use in bars and nightclubs, especially if those lines are of the corny or bad varieties. However, there are some great ones out there that are witty that might be usable, but you’d need peer review in order to figure out which ones they are. Pickup Lines app for Android platform has the ability to give you that peer review by taking the web 2.0 process and applying it to all of the pickup lines out there.

View and rate other pickup lines

Web 2.0 is definitely hard at work in Pickup Lines Android app as it gives you the chance to scroll through all of the pickup lines currently available, reading through them and then rating them based on what you think of the material contained within. Then, as more people begin to rate the different lines, the good ones come to the top and the bad ones fall to the bottom, creating a peer-reviewed version of the pickup lines for you to take a closer look at.


Upload your own lines for rating

Do you think that you’re a modern day Casanova?  Well, now is your chance to prove it by actually taking a close look at your own repertoire and then uploading the lines that you think represent your best work. Then, when those lines have been rated by the other people in the community, you can decide once and for all whether your lines are good or just a lot worse than you originally thought they were. One or two people might be wrong and you might be right, but the chances of a community of thousands being wrong about the excellence of a pickup line are quite remote.

See the best right off the bat

Are you just interested in getting some material either for your own use or to chuckle over with your friends?  Do you want to bypass the web 2.0 elements entirely?  To do that, all you have to do is click on the all-time top button right away to bring up the lines voted best by the community. Then, just take those and share them with your friends away from the app to see what they think.

Final Score

For most people, Pickup Lines Android app will be good for a few laughs. For a few, it could also be useful in relationships and starting conversations with strangers from the opposite sex. In both cases, we’ve rated Pickup Lines app for Android 8 out of 10.

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