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BlackBerry apps are not as well known for being innovative like iPhone apps, but this is only a general perception with no basis in actual fact. If you take a look at many of the different apps now available for the BlackBerry, what you will realize is that quite a few of these apps are actually very innovative indeed. A good example of this is Slydial for the BlackBerry, an app that will give you something that you may never have had before on any phone cellular or landline in origin.

Dial directly to the voicemail

The main feature that Slydial mobile app brings to your BlackBerry is the ability to dial directly to the voicemail of the person that you are trying to call. You can call their voicemail inbox directly and deposit a message there without having to wait for the phone call to go through. In other words, with Slydial BlackBerry app, you can ensure right off the bat that you are able to dial into the voicemail of the person that you are trying to call 100% of the time.


Easily bypass the talking process

Even though Slydial app for BlackBerry brings some amazing functionality to your BlackBerry device, you can get that functionality without having to go through that many hoops. In fact, the app is so easy to use that you can probably get the hang of using it after trying it for just a few minutes. The interface is very intuitive and once you have the hang of using it, you’ll never have to worry about learning anything new for this app again.

Avoid the possibility of the person answering the phone entirely

You might be wondering how it is possible for you to reach voicemail 100% of the time. Well, the only real way to guarantee that is to make sure that you bypass the possibility of the person being dialed picking up the phone. Slydial mobile app for BlackBerry knows how to do this and therefore can get you directly to voicemail without the possibility of the phone even being picked up. The person on the other end will never hear it ring and that means that you’ll always get to voicemail.

Final Score

Slydial is certainly a nifty piece of mobile software. If you ever just wanted to impart information without getting caught in a phone conversation, you’ll understand why we decided to give Slydial BlackBerry app a final score of 9.0 out of 10.

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