State Capitals App for Android Review

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State Capitals is a handy app created by Eric Burke is just one example of the many different flashcard type programs that have been created for this interface. Whether this interface just seems suited to them or whether some other force is at work is unknown, but the Android interface is much better than flashcards as this app illustrates.

Learn the Capitals of All 50 States

Learning the capitals of the states within the United States is not as easy as you might think. More often than not, the obvious answer is the wrong answer and in many cases the top two or even the two three obvious answers are all wrong and there is some other city that actually turns out to be the capital. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Seattle and Miami are all not state capitals, so learning which cities are state capitals is certainly something that you can brag about at a later date.

state-capitals-app-for-android1Mark Certain Cards As Known

Eventually, you’re going to be confident that you know the capital for a particular state. Well, a simple long tap on your phone will mark that capital with a checkmark and allow you to put that one aside while you learn the capitals of the remaining states. In this way, you can slowly and systematically work your way through the deck in a way that will allow you to remember all of the state capitals for a long period of time after you’ve stopped studying.

Quiz Yourself After Learning

Two of the options are great for quizzing yourself using the State Capitals mobile app for the Android system. The first is the shuffle option which shuffles the deck and allows you to draw cards that you can then answer. Tap the card to check your answer on the back and then sort the deck to get a new feel for the states and see if once again your skills at learning the capitals have allowed you to know what those capitals are no matter what order they’re tossed at you in.

Final Score

State Capitals Android App allows you to know the 50 capitals, go at your own pace and it also never forgets where you left off if you turn it off and then back on. It is great like that and even though it is simple software, we’ve given State Capitals App for Android a final score of 8.5 out of 10.

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