n-Track Studio Pro Android App Review

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n-Track Studio Pro for Android converts your smart device into a powerful music studio and beat maker. You will have a real and advanced music studio in your palms. Like a pro musician, you get to work on unlimited tracks. Mixing, editing, and recording is all made easy. A music studio with all the effects included will help you be a creative music producer churning out enhanced and soulful melodies, beats and arpeggios. A Studio Tutorial is available with the app to help you learn the process of music making.

Create The Best Of Music With A Pro App

n-Track Studio Pro is a powerful and intuitive app that provides all features required for a portable music studio. You can record unlimited MIDI, audio, instrument, mix and edit them as well. The app lets you use external audio interface and built-in mic to record. It has royalty free tracks which you can add to your music and edit. Using the Loop Browser, you can add and edit tracks. The Step Sequencer Beat Maker helps you create amazing beats with ease. You can also import grooves. You can use the built-in instruments and also connect to external musical instruments to create tunes. The mixer allows you to adjust EQ, Pan and also add other effects. the app lets you save the recording and also share it directly in social media. The app lets you join and collaborate with Songtree community and other artists.

n-Track Studio Pro Android App Review


n-Track Studio Pro is the best app that will make a musician’s dream come to life. It can be used by amateurs and professionals alike. You get access to unlimited MIDI and audio tracks with unlimited effects with each channel. You can export the music files to MP3 and WAV format. The app costs $13.69 to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to subscribe for advanced features. A one-time purchase will include 10 GB of one-shots and WAV loops, exclusive beats and editable tracks and over 400 sample instruments.

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