Ultimate Ghost Detector Android App Review

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Ultimate Ghost Detector for Android provides powerful features to help detect paranormal activities. It is a blessing for all ghost enthusiasts and paranormal investigators. The app can collect valuable data used to detect the presence of paranormal activities. The developers were encouraged by the success of their previous Ultimate EMF Detector that has been downloaded 1.3 million times across the globe. They have come up with this app which has all the tools one will need for ghost detection. The tools help you detect changes in the electromagnetic fields around the device. The app observes, records data and captures sound for further analysis.

Enjoy The Thrills Of Ghost Hunt

Ultimate Ghost Detector for Android is a simple and intuitive app that support five main modes required for ghost hunting. The five different modes are EMF Advanced, EMF Simple, EVP Recorder, Motion Detector and Multi Meter. The EMF Advanced has a detector and an analyzer that displays EM fields as graphs and also record sound. EMF Simple is simple EMF detector that has an analog meter and displays changes in the field on an LED bar. Motion detector displays vibrations and motion changes on a graphs. It is capable of detecting micro vibrations from furniture and furnishings. EVP recorder record sound around the device. Multi Meter is a combination of all the features and provides all data from EMF, EVP and Motion detection. It records automatically when an alarm is triggered.

Ultimate Ghost Detector Android App Review


Ultimate Ghost Detector app is an ultimate app for ghost hunting. It helps you unearth paranormal phenomena with ease. It provides the actual data from your device sensors without any manipulation or adding any fake effects. The data is 100% real. Your device should have magnetic sensors for accurate data collection. If the app shows the reading as zero when you install it, it means that the device does not support the app and will not work. The app costs $3.29 to download from Google Play Store.

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