NetSuxxess Contracts and Subscriptions for iPhone Review

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Do you have too many contracts to manage? Do you know the deadline for canceling your contracts on time? If you find it tough to keep track of all your contracts, check this one out: NetSuxxess Contracts and Subscriptions for iPhone. This utility helps you manage contract related issues better. You can get NetSuxxess Contracts and Subscriptions app for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.


By helping you manage your contracts efficiently, NetSuxxess Contracts and Subscriptions for iPhone save you time and money. The core functions offered by the app include:

  • Managing contracts, subscriptions and cancellations
  • Managing relations with business partners and consultants
  • Updating the status of each contract (e.g. “signed” or “to be cancelled”)
  • Assigning a monetary value per period to each contract (e.g. 100 USD/month)
  • Assigning critical dates to each contract (e.g. “prolongation date”)
  • Attaching important contract pages to each contract (using Camera or Photos)
  • Sending emails to business partners and consultants (e.g. for cancellation)

The app also has an option to capture the image of documents.

NetSuxxess Contracts and Subscriptions for iPhone

Further, you can import documents between the iPhone app and NetSuxxess Contracts and Subscriptions’ desktop version. Every data is AES-encrypted before any data transfer occurs. The UI of NetSuxxess Contracts and Subscriptions for iPhone is well designed and hence user friendly. Everything is intuitively arranged. The app is also robust and responsive. There aren’t any annoying lags.

The current iOS version stands at 7.0+. But NetSuxxess Contracts and Subscriptions for iPhone is designed to work with iOS 4.3 or higher. So if you have an older iPhone with still older iOS, still NetSuxxess Contracts and Subscriptions will run in your device quite seamlessly.

Final Thoughts

NetSuxxess Contracts and Subscriptions for iPhone is your contract manager. More importantly, by helping you ably manage your many contracts, it helps you stay sane. From assigning monetary values and critical dates to attaching contract pages to sending emails, it has got your covered in all departments. The interface is excellent and the overall design quite intuitive. The app is also pretty stable and responsive. To sum it up, a useful app to keep a watch on all your contracts and subscriptions. Ideal for business pros and managers.

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