pMail Private eMail App for iPhone Review

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If you’re concerned about the privacy of your email inbox, pMail Private eMail app for iPhone might of great assistance. It helps you hide and protect your e-mail accounts without leaving any trace on your iPhone. The ‘p’ in pMail seems to stand for ‘private’. You can get pMail iPhone app for $1.99 from iTunes App store.


pMail Private eMail for iPhone is easy to use. After setting up your passcode and configuring your email accounts, you can straightaway start using pMail. The app has a nice layout and is thoughtfully designed. However, one aspect users might not like is that the passcode is limited to four characters. Those who prefer a longer passcode will find this apparent shortcoming a deal breaker. On the other hand, the app can be deceptive as well. For example, the app let you create two PINs, one original and the other one is a fake PIN that cleverly takes people who enter it to a fake archive of emails. You can access the decoy archive in case you are forced to open the App from prying people.

pMail Private eMail App for iPhone

pMail iPhone app also let you create separate accounts and also contacts and attachments that will be separated from the real e-mail archive. It also has “Panic Gesture” support: that is, simply cover the iPhone with your hand, and the screen goes dark and logs you out. With pMail for iPhone, you can have unlimited email accounts, you have the ability to flag emails with the bookmark, easily move email between folders has got a quick attachment view feature to let you view attachments even before initiating a download. The app is stable and responsive. pMail app is compatible with iOS versions 6.0 or later.


pMail Private eMail app for iPhone is for those who’re obsessed with privacy. In fact, given the insecurities of the internet, it is only judicious to have such an app to handle your multiple email accounts. It has a great looking design with a full HTML mail editor and other typical email client features. The decoy archive feature comes handy at times to dupe prying people. The four-digit passcode is a bit short to ensure foolproof security. But nevertheless it works for most people unless someone tries to break it using some sophisticated tool. Overall, a solid email app for the privacy conscious out there. Check it out.

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