Nigella Quick Collection App for iPhone

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TV chef Nigella Lawson, through her publishing company ‘Random House’ and digital agency AKQA London, has launched the Nigella Quick Collection iPhone App. Nigella Lawson is the author of bestselling books including How to Eat, How to be a Domestic Goddess, Nigella Express, Nigella Christmas and Kitchen which together with her successful TV series have made hers a household name around the world.

Nigella Quick Collection – A Perfect Companion to Cooking

Nigella Quick Collection app for iPhone contains over 70 different delicious recipes that include entries such as grilled halloumi, curry, baklava muffins, mushroom steak sandwiches, toblerone fondue and even chocolate peanut butter sundae with fudge. Nigella Quick Collection application will give you a lot of different tips and help on how to cook a delicious meal without the entire day to do it. There are easy step by step instructions for each of the recipes and so it is know what to do. There are a variety of videos which help you to know how to do simple cooking tasks like dicing a mango, deseeding a pomegranate or even just getting a complete run through on how to cook certain dishes.

Nigella Quick Collection App for iPhone

Features of the App

  • Nigella Quick Collection little cook book app for iPhone includes over 70 different recipes including ten of the new Quick Collection Recipes that are causing such a stir in the food world.
  • There are also 60 of the edited recipes that have gotten makeover by Nigella.
  • iPhone Nigella Quick Collection app has video footage that can be watched which is over 40 minutes of this video footage that includes both audio and visual content.
  • These videos will have over 40 different tips from Nigella that you can go back and refer to during any point of cooking process.
  • It has total of 13 videos that include How To sections and also motivation and inspiration sections.
  • It also includes the videos for recipes just like it was it was featured on the television show.
  • Nigella Quick Collection app also include dazzling pictures of different food and entries.


  • The photography of both the audio and video looked gorgeous.
  • Browse recipes and photographs by swiping through recipe card.
  • You can view full list of ingredients and simple concise step by step methods.
  • Use voice control to move through a recipe keeping sticky fingers away from the phone.
  • Add multiple recipes to your shopping list and view the list by recipe or supermarket aisle and can edit if required.
  • You can personalize your quick collection app by selecting recipe favorites and adding voice or text notes to recipes.

The Nigella Quick Collection App for iPhone is all about getting you recipes that you can make extremely quickly and simply, and that still are delicious to taste. This app will make help you make your life easier as a cook for yourself, your friends and your family.

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