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How easy do you think it is to read/review your business reports/data given in an excel sheet on the 3.5’ screen of your iPhone? Or are you viewing it as another occupational hazard? Bu with iPhone Roambi Visualizer app at your disposal, you can breathe a lot easy. The app virtually presents your reports/data from popular business applications into secure, easy to comprehend interactive mobile dashboards on your iPhone/iPad screen. The presentation of data is optimized to give you the insight you need for on-the-go analysis, impromptu presentations and smart decision-making. Roambi Visualizer application comes as a free download from iTunes.

The App

Roambi Visualizer iPhone app is all about user-friendly presentations. It takes data from business applications such as Excel, SAP Crystal Reports,, and SAP BusinessObjects options and converts them into easy to read graphs/charts. The app also adds interactive features that permit notes, data tagging, and further exploration on the data. The user, if he wishes, can save the reports, and make refreshed versions of the same with the updated data. Further, the user can email the reports using the onboard email feature that seamlessly links to the device’s contact list.

Roambi Visualizer iPhone app is user friendly for most parts. Users can choose from multiple skins the huge library of free templates available at the Roambi Visualizer application website for free. The downloading process is a breeze over a 3G connection. However, it is advisable to go through the on-line instructions carefully as the initial set up is a bit complex (based on the level of analysis one wants). Once done that, the process is easy to replicate, with decent results.


Roambi Visualizer app for iPhone is a great business application, right from the executive and managers to the CEO/CFO at the top. It virtually brings data and analysis to one’s finger tips in an easy to understand format. The app is also compatible with its web version, thereby providing updated centralized web data storage for your team to access anytime. Overall, Roambi Visualizer app for iPhone is a must have for all business executives who play with data/numbers all the time.

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