Vignette App for Android Review

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Vignette is a handy camera app for Android that gives you lots of freedom to customize your camera from effects to lighting and shooting options. It works as a standalone camera app, alongside a tool that lets you edit existing photos in the phone. Vignette is a paid application that can be downloaded from Android market.

The App

When you fire the Vignette app, you’ll be presented with a picture look-finder view, with further options right on the screen. On the left of the screen is the option that lets you adjust the area you’d wish to crop for the picture. Options to set effects, borders, megapixel, light adjustments, and the self-timer are to the right. An interesting feature in Vignette Android app is the ‘Blind’ that renders the display back so that you won’t know what you are actually clicking at. In short, given the various settings/features, you can virtually create the type of photo even before you actually snap it. However, you can post edit the photos if you wish so. The app also offers geo-tagging, and it works fine with the camera flash (if any).

Vignette App for Android

At present, Vignette app for Android offers about 79 effects and multiple frames that you can apply on the photographs. It is also possible to apply different filters to multiple copies of the same picture. The app also lets you import photos for post processing or share it with others using already installed tools. You don’t need to approve lots of unnecessary permissions to do so unlike some other similar applications.

On the downside, Vignette’s loading time is a tad too long. There is no immediate preview option unfortunately, and for many, the learning curve may seem to be a bit steeper than usual. But that is understandable given the large number of features and customization options that the application offers.

Final Thoughts

Vignette, at the moment, is clearly the best app in its class for Android. In many ways, it is similar to Instagram app for iPhone. Vignette Android app is feature rich, with endless number customization options. We would recommend you try out its free version first. But the free app does not entirely utilize the megapixels of your camera, and for that you’ll need the pro version. A faster loading time, and a preview option would have made Vignette just perfect. But no complaints either, given what it offers on the Android platform. Verdict: A must have if you think Android missed an Instagram.

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