Word Wagon App for iPhone Review

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Word Wagon App for iPhone was developed for beginning readers. Applications in iPhone on kid’s education have continued to be more sophisticated with the introduction of Word Wagon. It is a wonderful application from the developers at Duck Duck Moose that teaches letters, phonics and two levels of spelling. The iPad version of Word Wagon iPhone application has been released which includes seven letter words as well.

Word Wagon – A Modern Educational Tool

Word Wagon App for iPhone targets pre-schoolers to help them to learn how to spell or sound words. This kid’s application is for children from age 1 to age 7 and has numerous levels of learning proficiencies that progress from easier to more difficult. There are four different levels of spelling words for which the concentration of letters, spelling or phonics can be adjusted.

In Word Wagon app the child gets to meet the Mozerella mouse and his little bird friend Coco. As the little mouse and bird hop along kids can tap any item they pass and try to spell it. For each word they spell kids will win an animated sticker for their virtual sticker book and every three correct spellings earn them a chance to play a connect-the-stars constellation game.

Word Wagon App for iPhone

Features of Word Wagon

Word Wagon app for iPhone includes more than 100 words, each with engaging illustrations, animations and sounds Words can be chosen from seven different categories which are:

  • Animals
  • Food
  • Vehicles
  • Numbers and colors
  • Around the house
  • Mozarella and Coco’s Favorites
  • All words


  • With an emphasis on educational value, Word Wagon app uses clean and clear methods to teach and reinforce phonics and letter sounds.
  • As the target is on kids, the application is developed easy to use.
  • iPhone Word Wagon app does not involve any kind of violence, sex or other kind of illegal activities in it.
  • It is a great application as it reinforces letter and sound recognition mostly with short words in the beginning.
  • Word Wagon possesses a quirkiness and charm compared to other applications.
  • Word Wagon uses words, past the simple words found in most phonic games in later sections of this application.
  • Word Wagon allows child to learn how to decode words for him which helps in actual understanding of the language.

Word Wagon App for iPhone is easy to use and has nice graphics and sounds. It is a non stress education application purchased by parents who want to help their youngsters learn how to read.

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