ReaddleDocs App for iPhone Review

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ReaddleDocs app for iPhone is an all-in-one document viewer, file manager, and attachment saver application for your smart-phone. The app lets you pull documents from your E-mail accounts, PC, and other online storage accounts and save/store in your device for later viewing and management. ReaddleDocs iPhone app supports a mind-boggling number of file formats, from PDF to image files and web pages to word processing documents. ReaddleDocs comes with a rather hefty price tag of $4.99. But given its features, it is worth the money spent.

ReaddleDocs App Features

ReaddleDocs app for iPhone comes with many features. But thankfully, each one of them is easy as a pie. For example, you can link your email accounts to ReaddleDocs, and save attachments straightaway. Simply give the username/password, and in no time, your E-mails and folders are there, very much like the Apple’s native email app. You can opt to save the email itself or any attachments that comes with an email. Similarly, you can use the browser that comes with the app to open a page, and save it in the app as HTML document or web archive. It is also compatible with iPhone’s own Safari browser.

ReaddleDocs App for iPhone

Further, you can also link the app with your Macbook/Windows PC if you wish so. Simply add your iPhone as server (instructions comes with the app), and you’re ready to transfer files between PC and iPhone and vice versa. For some reason, if you happen to save a file format that is not compatible with ReaddleDocs, it can be still be stored in its memory (thereby virtually turning your iPhone in to a wireless flash drive).

ReaddleDocs mobile application can link up with any WebDAV supported storage, such as MobileMe, Google Docs, Box.Net, and Dropbox, to name some of them. Managing documents in ReaddleDocs is quite easy. You can also search documents or sort them by name, type, date, and size.

The file formats that is supported by ReaddleDocs at the moment include Apple iWorks, Microsoft Office, PDF, Rich Text documents, .txt files, fiction books, .pdb files, image formats such as .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png. .tiff, and Media formats (mp3, mp4, 3gp, mov, mpv).

Final Thoughts

ReaddleDocs app for iPhone is certainly up there amongst the best all-in-one document viewer apps for iPhone. It supports a wide array of file types, alongside giving the user excellent file management capabilities in a user friendly package. ReaddleDocs is a must have iPhone app for those who deal with lots of docs daily as part of their work!

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