Nightgate Game for iPhone Review

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It is 2398 AD, and after a great war, a network of intelligent computers called Nightgate is the last remaining life form on Earth. You got to step into the computer and make your way through 50 handcrafted levels. Avoid enemies as you interact with a dark digital world and explore what lies beyond the futuristic landscapes of Nightgate. The game can be downloaded for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.


Nightgate for iPhone has beautiful yet minimalistic visuals. It features a ton of intricate geometric shapes and lines that move around seamlessly and flow right into each other in a pseudo 3-D setting. The colors of the shapes and lines are bright and vibrant, and it contrasts nicely with the pitch black background. The particle effects, as things get more intricate and complex further into the game, is fantastic to say the least. Animations are fluid and smooth. The techno soundtrack is fun to listen to. The plot of Nightgate is simple. The levels can be accessed one by one. The objective in each stage is to guide the white flicker of light to the colored dots, and eventually follow another sentient dot to the gate that leads to the next level. While it might sound easy, you’ll soon come across red bullets and bars that will kill you if you run into them. So you got to be vigilant to avoid such traps and move forward.

Nightgate Game for iPhone Review

Controls in Nightgate game for iPhone are simple and intuitive. Move your finger anywhere on the screen to access the floating joystick. The white dot will move in the direction that your finger is pointing towards without any friction. The controls are responsive as well, which is necessary as you got to quickly dodge obstacles and bullets. Nightgate has no time limits. Hence you can play it at your own pace. If you hit the red, you die and the level restarts. Of course, there are achievements that you can pocket as you play. The game also gives you an option to ‘pause’ the game and click a snapshot to be used as screen saver.


Nightgate game for iPhone is a test of your reflexes. The minimalistic design stands out while the immersive soundtrack is captivating. The controls are responsive and intuitive. The game starts out as easy, but soon picks up pace as the levels themselves become lengthier and trickier. You will die many times in the game. But you can always learn from your mistakes as there are noticeable movement patterns for all of the obstacles. The game is also stable. Check it out if you like games of this genre.

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