Diffission Puzzle Game for iPhone Review

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Diffission for iPhone is a mathematical puzzle game that is educational and fun at the same time. In the game, highlight, slash, and dismantle deceptively simple shapes and unlock special block types as you work your way to the coveted title of Diffissionist. If you want more, check out the Challenge mode. Diffission can be downloaded for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.


Diffission has clean and minimalistic graphics. The basic shapes and structures float on top of a colored, subtly animated backdrop that gradually changes colors over time. Animations are slick and smooth as you break the shapes. The game is also pretty stable and responsive as well. The ambient, atmospheric music is soothing, and helps put your mind at ease while you play the game. The game has two modes: Endless and Challenge. When you first fire up the app, you’ll be provided a tutorial that teaches you the nuances of the game and game rules. In Endless mode, you can solve the puzzles at your own pace and convenience, with no end goal to achieve. Challenge mode, on the other hand, has a set time limit and you must reach a specific goal (number of diamonds) so it counts as your score. Every time you solve a puzzle, you can either add to the diamond goal or add more time to the clock. The diamonds you collect can be used to unlock various types of blocks. Getting more block types opens up a new set of puzzles for you to solve in each mode. You can do it until all possible blocks have been uncovered. The game play can be a bit confusing at first. But you will quickly get used to it.

Diffission Puzzle Game for iPhone Review

Your goal in Diffission for iPhone is displayed at the bottom left of the screen and it is a fraction. The total number of blocks that make up the shape or structure is shown in the bottom right. You got to cut it down into equal pieces using your finger on screen. Once you’d managed to break it down into equal pieces, just tap on them to highlight them until you’ve selected enough to match the fraction goal. The game stars off as easy. But it soon turns trickier as you will have to deal with a larger number of squares to break down, as well as more block types and more complex fractions. In the challenge mode, you got to be quick to find solutions in order to get a good score. Diffission requires iOS 6.0 or later.


Despite being an educational game, Diffission for iPhone is still enjoyable. The minimalistic design is good to look at, while the background soundtrack is tranquil and calming. The game play is certainly challenging. But it forces you to think, and that makes the game a lot more interesting. It would have been nice had the game had more game modes. But no matter how you look at it, Diffission is a fun game with lots of replay value. Check it out if you live mathematical puzzles that push you.

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