Sprinkle Puzzle Game for Android Review

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Sprinkle app for Android, like the word indicates, is a game that is all about sprinkling the right amount of water on the right area in the right way possible. It can be categorized as a fun filled puzzle game suitable for both the eyes and the brain alike. Sprinkle is one of the most popular games in its genre, receiving numerous awards and acclaim ever since its release. Sprinkle game app sizes around 25 MB and costs $1.99 to download and install from the Google Play Store.


At the start of each level, you will be introduced to an environment where fire has caught up at some places. It’s up to you to bring the water canon to the location, aim at the required areas and start squirting water from the hose to put off the fire as soon as possible. It may seem easy at first, but there is quite a bit of brain work associated with it indeed. The water canon is mounted on a crane and it just remains stationary at one point always. As a result, you need to adjust the hose correctly to aim at the right spot. You can’t afford to miss too often since there wouldn’t be too much water to waste. Once it runs out, you loose. There are also quite a few obstacles in the form of rocks, pits, hills, houses etc to block your way. You need to pass them all and target the hose intelligently such that somehow the water gets sprayed and reaches the burning fire. The movement of the water and all other objects in the game are related to physics, especially the force of gravity which increases the brainy factor in the game.

Sprinkle Puzzle Game for Android Review

Android Sprinkle Puzzle game app is extremely rich in its content, be it the eye-catching graphics or the stunning animations or the terrific sound effects, all of them are of world-class standards. The controls also seem very easy with just one spray button and a few swipes doing the trick. The topnotch quality of the application is evident in every part, every frame of the game.


Puzzle games are often very addictive and when a game like Sprinkle for Android arrives with such amazing gaming qualities, the result can indeed turn even better. Owing to its excellent features and technicalities, Sprinkle can easily climb up the list of your most favourite puzzle games for android in no time.

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