Lines the Game iPhone App Review

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Lines the Game for iPhone is a zen like puzzle game that will have you racing to the finish. In the game, you got to place or remove dots to initiate a colourful race that fills a drawing wherein the colour that dominates the race wins. If you’d liked Color Zen and Breath of Light, you’ll also feel at home with Lines. You can get Lines the Game for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.


The visuals of Lines the Game for iPhone follow the trendy minimalistic and flat style that became popular of late. The off-white background provides nice contrast to the rich blacks and vibrant colors that are strewn throughout the game. It also makes the film-strip like game menus stand out nicely. The animations are slick and smooth. The tranquil, piano soundtrack in the background is relaxing. The game has a staggering amount of 250 unique puzzle levels across five game modes. The game modes – Point, Eraser, Rope, Knife, and Mix – have a different way to play, even though the main objective remains the same. The game also has a daily challenge wherein you only get once chance to win three out of four rounds. The game has lots of replay value. You can play the levels anytime. Since the points are placed randomly every time, it is never the same thing twice. If you mange to win a level several times in a row, you get a winning streak and earn trophies. Lines the Game tells you how many times you played a level, and how many times you managed to win or lose.

Lines the Game iPhone App Review

The controls are easy to learn. You can find out which colour you are by looking at the screen border. The game indicates to you as to how many points you can place on the lines, or how many enemy points you can remove. Once the specified number is placed or erased, a race of all the colors starts. A good strategy that you can employ is to place the points so that they can cut off other colours. Last but not the least, each level takes only few seconds to complete, irrespective of the result. The game has Game Center integration for achievements, but sans leaderboards.


Lines the Game for iPhone is a fun as well as challenging. It got a unique game play concept, and lots of replay value. The game comes with enough number of puzzle levels to keep you entertained for minutes on end. The visuals are nice, while the soundtrack is soothing. The controls are easy as well. Overall, an ideal pick-up-and-play game for your commute or general downtime.

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