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Samorost 3 for iPhone is an exploration adventure and puzzle game from the award-winning creators of Machinarium and Botanicula. If you want a good point-and-click adventure, then Samorost might certainly fit the bill. You can download Samorost 3 for $4.99 from iTunes App Store.


Like the other titles, Samorost 3 for iPhone is visually appealing. The artwork of each area where players find themselves in is insanely detailed with fine textures. The colors range from dark and rich to vibrant, soft, and dreamlike hues as you makes your way through the game. The animations are smooth and fluid. The ambient soundtrack is atmospheric and truly engaging. Like other games in this genre, you’ll find yourself dropped into a beautiful world without much direction. You control a little space gnome who ends up with a magic flute, and you set out on a journey to discover the flute’s origins. In the game, you got nine alien worlds to explore, with each one having its own unique alien life form inhabiting it. Since it is a puzzler, you’ll face lots of challenges that you got to solve before you could move forward.


The controls are simple enough to comprehend. You use pinch gesture to zoom in/out of an area. Dragging your finger across the screen allows you to pan the scene left or right. In order to move space gnome, just tap on where you want him to go. If it is an impossible move, he’ll shake his head to let you know about it. When you see an object with pulsating white rings, it indicates that you can drag the magic flute from the top right corner to the object, wherein your gnome will listen to the tune of the object. This is the key to discovering the various alien life forms in the worlds. The trick to move far in the game is to explore and interact with everything that you find on the screen. If to cite a downside, it is the lack of text describing the various menu options. The icons are not clear enough. If you’re not careful, you might end up resetting your progress.


Samorost 3 for iPhone is a relaxing puzzler, the many tricky puzzles you’ll come across notwithstanding. The graphics is beautiful and realistic. The atmospheric soundtrack is topnotch. The controls are intuitive. It is also stable. To sum it up, a great game to just kick back and relax with after a long, hectic day.

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