Zirkel – Magic of the Rings iPhone Game App Review

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Are you looking for a puzzler to give your brain a thorough workout? Check this one out: Zirkel – Magic of the Rings for iPhone. It provides 80 unique challenges to keep you entertaining. Zirkel can be downloaded for $1.99 from iTunes App store.


Zirkel – Magic of the Rings for iPhone has minimalistic yet gorgeous visuals. The game’s use of color is beautiful. The outline of the circles contrasts nicely against the background owing to its neon colors. The flames that rotate on the circles have great particle effect to it. Animations are slick and smooth, while the soundtrack is soothing. Zirkel is based on levels that are split across a number of chapters. The aim for you in each stage is to light up all of the smaller flames using the one large flame. When the large flame makes contact with the smaller one, the small one grows, and the cycle continues. While it might sound easy, it is not so in reality and that is where the fun lies.


The controls in Zirkel iPhone game are simple enough. As the game begins, only the large flame is rotating around a circle, while the smaller ones are waiting for you to give them a go ahead to rotate. To do that, just tap on the circle with the flame. If it makes a full circle without making contact with another flame, it resets. However, you can reset it anytime with another tap. As you would realize, the game is about timing and measuring distance as the circles affect the speed at which the flames rotate. In earlier levels, the lines radiating from the centre of the circle acts as useful pointers that will help you pinpoint when to start a flame. But these will disappear in later levels, making it more difficult. If you’re precise enough in your moves, you can earn up to three stars per level. You need to earn a certain number of stars to advance to other chapters. We found the game to be pretty stable and responsive.


Zirkel – Magic of the Rings for iPhone is quite an enjoyable and challenging puzzler. The game has beautiful visuals while the ambient music is a joy to listen to. The game concept is fairly simple even though mastering the game mechanics is a different story altogether. The puzzles provide great replay value. There is no game center integration. Check it out if you’re looking for a stimulating puzzle game to pass your free time with.

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