Spectrum 6 Puzzle Game for iPhone Review

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Spectrum 6 for iPhone is a puzzler that is all about mixing up colors and getting them into their right place. Its game play mechanics is really refreshing to say the least. If you’d liked games such as Bliss, you’ll find Spectrum 6 interesting as well. You can download Spectrum 6 for $1.99 from iTunes.


Spectrum 6 for iPhone has a nice and clean aesthetic that is pleasing to the eyes. The tiles are nice and crisp while the backdrops feature tranquil color gradients that’ll put your mind at ease. The typography is easy to read and the icons are easily recognizable. The animations are slick and smooth. It is fun to watch the colors get mixed together and transitions into a new shade. Strangely, the game’s ambient soundtrack only plays while you’re browsing the level select screen. It does not while you’re solving the puzzles. Spectrum 6 features 63 levels distributed across nine different chapters. There are tutorial stages that give you an introduction to the game play mechanics. The objective in each stage is to mix the colors properly and assign colors to specific spots on the grid, as you can tell by the dot color on the spaces. While it might sound easy, you got to know which primary colors are required to produce secondary colors, and you got to get them to their right spots sans tainting other colors along the way. Those who’re not so sure about the colors may refer to the reference bar at the bottom of the screen.


The controls in the game are easy to understand, but difficult to master. If you mix all the primary colors, you’ll get black. Once you manage to get all the required colors in their proper spots, you’ll clear the level and can move on to the next. The number at the top-left of the screen tells you how many moves you’d made, and how many fewest moves in which the puzzle can be solved. You’ll earn three stars if you solve it in the fewest moves possible. But if you make any mistakes, you got to restart the stage. It is rather annoying not to have an ‘undo’ button.
If you get stuck, you can make use of the hints that the game provides. It will cost you some hint coins to activate a hint. There is no IAP for hints. Spectrum 6 requires iOS 8.0 or later.


Spectrum 6 for iPhone has a simple enough game concept. But it requires a lot of strategy and planning ahead to master the stages. Since you need to know what colors combines to what, it is also a brain teaser at times. The graphics is decent. Lack of undo button is rather perplexing. The tutorial stages come handy for first time players. The game is also stable and responsive. Check it out if you like color based puzzles.

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