Noogra Nuts App for Android Review

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Noogra Nuts App for Android is a 2D arcade game, wherein you control an insanely cute squirrel with your device’s accelerometer. The game stands out for its simple yet cute graphics, easy to use controls, and addictive game play. Noogra Nuts Game app for Android may be downloaded for free from Google Play. However, you might have to shell out $1.99 for in-app purchases, remove ads, and unlock game modes.

Game Play

In Noogra Nuts Android app, you have nuts falling from the sky, and you have to position the cute squirrel beneath the nuts so that it could jump and hit the nuts with its head. You might have to bump up the nuts back up in the air and hit it multiple times before it eventually breaks. Once the nut is broken, collect the nut center for a bonus. The nuts come in various sizes and shapes, and you earn bonus points by bumping multiple nuts on the way in a single jump. The bottom line is the more you hit, the more you score.

The controls are quite easy to learn; tilt the phone right to move the squirrel to the right and vice versa. Tap on the screen to launch the squirrel in the air.

Noogra Nuts App for Android

Noogra Nuts app for Android has three modes: Classic, Jungle and Survival. In Classic, you have to get the squirrel jump up and hit the nuts before the nuts hit the ground. You have 120 seconds to do the job. In Jungle mode, you have to avoid hitting objects in the jungle, like the stones that the squirrel jumps over. Survival mode is the toughest among the three. In this mode, you have to avoid all the objects on your way, such as rocks and tumbleweeds. If you get hit three times, you die.

Noogra Nuts is adapted to run on Android 1.6 and above. The application also makes use of OpenFient that lets you compete against your friends for the highest score.

Final Thoughts

Noogra Nuts Android app is addictive. It could be its user interface, simple graphics, or easy to use controls that make the app super cool. But it impresses you with its overall game play and finesse throughout. Verdict: Noogra Nuts app for Android is a perfect game to kill time when you’re waiting for your bus, or sitting in the waiting room.

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