One Shot Android App Review

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Android has been a work in progress. With every update, it added new APIs and features to exploit. The latest version of the OS, Lollipop, had given users more control over camera settings as well as providing apps access to screen recording capabilities. That is, now you can do screen recording without rooting. One Shot app for Android is one such implementation that let you make your recorded video ready for production immediately. You can get One Shot app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.


One Shot app for Android has an interesting method to trigger screen recordings. When you first fire up the app, you’ll be taken through a brief tutorial that details how to start a screen recording. You can start the process by clicking on the cast button at the top right hand side. Once you’d indicated it to begin, a recording bubble pops up on the screen. It looks much like the Facebook messenger’s chat head. This is one of the innovative ways to toggle the record functionality in the app. When you’re ready to go, tap on the record bubble and it’ll disappear indicating the beginning of recording. Once you’re done, stop the recording using the notification it provides, or just click on the power button on your phone. The recordings we done where found it to be crisp and clear. There weren’t any lag as usually observed in screen recordings. This indicates higher output file size, and this is all adjustable in settings.

One Shot Android App Review

One Shot Android app has a robust settings menu that makes the job easier for the users. One of the biggest challenges for screen recording apps is to adjust the vast variety of screen sizes, resolutions and hardware capabilities found in the Android ecosystem. But One Shot for Android seems to have covered the bases well on that front. You’ll be impressed with its ability to automatically detect the screen orientation. There is also an option to automatically trigger showing your finger tap and swipes when you start and stop the recording. In most screen recording apps, you got to go the developer menu of your device. One Shot’s settings are carefully selected and are fully compliant with YouTube. Therefore, any video you have recorded with One Shot can be uploaded to YouTube immediately without any edition.


One Shot app for Android is one of the best screen recording apps we’d come across. It is easy to use and pretty stable as well. The app also supports up to 4K screen recording with ultra high bit-rate up to 50 mbps. Check it out if you’re looking for a screen recording app that does not require root.

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