AccuWeather Platinum Android App Review

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AccuWeather Platinum app for Android is a weather forecast application designed to work well with Android phones, tablets and Android wear. Advanced features and technologies have been implemented in the app to provide users with updated information about weather conditions on their city. AccuWeather Platinum app costs $2.99 and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.


Most notable feature in AccuWeather Platinum is the AccuWeather MinuteCast. It enables the precipitation forecasts of your exact street and GPS location for the upcoming two hours by displaying weather details every minute. Widgets are also available ranging from MinuteCast Widget to home screen widgets and a time clock too. Furthermore, widgets that can be resized and multi-location widgets also arrive with AccuWeather Platinum app. The forecast of snow, thunderstorms, rain and wind would be displayed as an orange exclamation point across the worldwide locations in AccuWeather Platinum app. Users can enable push notifications for receiving weather alerts. The saved locations would be displayed as a snapshot view of maps using the worldwide satellite that overlays the interactive Google Maps. The updated news and weather videos is available in both English and Spanish languages. Users can also share the weather forecast on an hourly or 15-day forecast to their friends by using the social media apps installed on your Android device. Enhanced customization is also possible in AccuWeather Platinum app. The local forecasts are made available for every longitude and latitude on earth. It would be updated every 15 minutes and is made available in 33 languages as well as dialects.

AccuWeather Platinum Android App

AccuWeather Platinum Android app provides additional weather details for the users such as humidity, visibility, wind speed gusts, sunrise time, sunset time and UV Index. It also has a feature that displays the most dramatic weather event that could be expected within the next five days. The home screen would have a status bar which would display the present available temperature for the home location. Users can also store unlimited number of locations on to the app database. Users can choose among both landscape view and portrait view. Units can be selected either as an imperial or metric unit. The time format can be set either as a 12-hour format or 24-hour format according to the user convenience.


AccuWeather Platinum weather app for Android has all it takes to impress users who always want to remain updated about weather forecast with its superior accuracy and enhanced user interface. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and is worth the price being paid to download the app on to your android device.

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