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It often takes time in browsing and finding your desired task from a large grid of applications in your iPhone. However hard you try, locating an app and selecting your task does not seem so easy. Launch Center Pro app for iPhone eliminates this problem and lets you save time by helping you launch all your important tasks at one go. Calling your loved ones, e-mailing an important message, Google searches and many more – All of these can now be accessed by a single touch. In simple words, it is a like a speed dial for all your actions in your iPhone. Costing $4.99, Launch Center Pro app is rated as one of the handiest tools that provide faster access to your daily tasks.


Opening Launch Center Pro for iPhone leads to a grid view similar to your phone’s menu screen which can be populated with icons indicating various tasks. The working is pretty simple, just tap the pencil icon on the top right corner of the screen and start adding or removing your necessary tasks or actions to the launcher. To add a task, just tap on the ‘+’ icon on your desired position. Selecting ‘Action’ helps you set a task from any application situated in your phone. Tapping on ‘Group’ enables you to have a folder like representation where you can combine multiple actions under one specific icon. Each group can hold a number of fourteen actions in it. Each application can be searched in detail to find and set your favorite task. You can create a custom name and icon for each action or group. Once you have finished setting up your tasks, it becomes ready to get launched whenever you wish.

Launch Center Pro iPhone App

Though Launch Center Pro app comes with a simple and neat interface, there is enough scope to add more colou to it. You can choose from three attractive themes namely dark, light and classic. You can even create backups of your actions and settings either by signing into Dropbox or by creating a manual backup. For beginners, there is an inbuilt video familiarizing you with the basics of the application. There are also additional features that enable you to share your actions and tasks across the internet or through messages and to import saved actions from your friends.


Launch Center Pro app for iPhone is an ultimate task launcher that really helps you in saving much of your time by creating whatever shortcuts you need in your smart phone. Save your complex actions under one button and watch them being done instantaneously.

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