Worms 3 Android Game App Review

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Worms 3 is an award winning strategy gaming app for Android and is among the latest in the Arcade series. Developed by Team 17 Digital Limited, Strategy and humor finds a special place overall in this game. Worms 3 game app can be downloaded for $0.99 from Google Play Store.


Worms 3 app for Android usually features a card mode that has to be turned on. The beginning and the end of each turn can be altered by means of playing with the strategic cards. The game rewards can be collected and can be further used to purchase gold, silver as well as bronze cards. The deck can be built from a collection of 41 designed cards. Worms 3 gaming app allows users to choose worms from a range of enhanced new class system. Some of the classes categorized are Scientist, Scout, Heavy, Classic Soldier etc. By enlisting, users can choose from among a perfect battle combination. A clear understanding of the skills and ability will help users to classify among the style of play they are looking forward for.

Worms 3 Android Game App

Each of the game levels are designed as a combination of simple and complex blends so as to enhance the gaming experience with each of the levels. Players can also engage in online gaming of Worms 3 with asynchronous multiplayer warfare mode. You can have friendly matches or ranked matches with other players online and thereby can show the skills and expertise among the gaming community of Worms 3. Players can fight battles in multiplayer forts and thereby engage in a fierce competition with the tougher single player game.

Players can invade a total of 27 single-player missions out of the four new and refreshing themes namely Farmyard, Beach, Sewer and Spooky. Enhanced customization is also possible in Worms 3 gaming app. Furthermore, you can enjoy the returning classics such as Homing Pigeon and Old Lady. Worms 3 game provides users with improved control when it comes to choosing between either original touch controls as well as D-Pad control system. The menu system in Worms 3 has been beautifully streamlined. Thanks to the navigable menu system that arrives with a quick player hub for all updates as well as information. For engaging in multi-player functions, the app requires access to the contacts information.


Worms 3 app for Android is a cute game application that will satisfy the needs and requirements of gaming enthusiasts. The app is compatible with Android devices running Android 2.3 and later versions.

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