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CalenGoo app for Android is an ideal calendar app that can be synced with your Google as well as Android Calendar. It is optimized to work smoother and faster on your Android devices. Users can view the calendar under various categories such as day, week, landscape day, agenda and month. The events can be rescheduled using drag and drop for moving or copying as per the user requirements. CalenGoo app can be downloaded for $5.99 from Google Play Store.


CalenGoo app for Android allows users to open and delete events whenever required using the drag and drop technique. A user does not have to open the app to view the events since the events would be displayed in the home screen in varied categories. The month view however is zoomable for providing user convenience. Same rules as that of Google Calendar are applicable for the user when it comes to the addition of the recurring events. Direct syncing enables the assigning of pre-defined and custom icons. The date picker option is enhanced with a display of whole month for the purpose of choosing a date. Thanks to the time picker feature which helps users to choose from among three different ways when it comes to entering of the time details.

CalenGoo Android App

CalenGoo Android app also features a Search Function feature that consists of optional options including ‘Case Sensitive’ and ‘Whole Words’. It also allows customization of hardware buttons along with the syncing of Google tasks. CalenGoo offers a number of configuration options for the users so as to change the overall look and working of the app. Users can either set an in-built sound as a reminder in CalenGoo or can set an MP3 file from their android phone as a reminder sound. The app would also display special days such as birthdays and anniversaries of the contacts present in your android phone. The upcoming events can be intimated through SMS or email. The recipients can use the ICS file attached in the email for importing the event on to their own calendar. The entire calendars can be exported and imported as ICS files. Users can create a template for events that are used on a regular basis. CalenGoo features a Print function that allows printing of the day and month view in to a PDF file format.


CalenGoo app is a recommendable calendar application for Android devices and is further enhanced with Android wear support and Evernote support. The latest version is an improved version with minor bug fixes and an additional option through which files could be attached to the tasks.

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