SPQR Latin Dictionary and Reader iPhone App Review

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SPQR Latin Dictionary and Reader app for iPhone can be termed as the best learning tool for Latin students. It comes with ancient texts from famous authors, nuances of Latin grammar and Roman history, an addictive quiz, flashcards to expand vocabulary and few other tools to give you a thorough understanding of this ancient language. You can get SPQR Latin Dictionary and Reader for $8.99 from iTunes App Store.


SPQR Latin Dictionary and Reader app for iPhone has a very practical design. There is nothing flashy about as an educational app should be. Visual simplicity and clarity are best for reading, and this is exactly the approach SPQR app takes. In the reader, the pages are like in an actual book: black letters on white background. The grammar test design is comparatively more colorful, and its quiz questions and mutiple-choice answers, superimposed on a marble background, looks great. The app comes with over 4000 questions on the ancient world to test your knowledge. It also features quotes from ancient Roman sources, complete with their English translations. Using the app, you can parse any Latin word to English, regardless of conjugation. This includes full breakdown of the word’s form.

SPQR Latin Dictionary and Reader iPhone App

The Latin texts come with parallel English translations. This implies that you can read Caesar’s original Latin description of his battles in Gaul, then tap a button and jump to an English translation exactly where you left off. Any time you can toggle between languages to check your translation. SPQR also features a full, fast and searchable copy of the Lewis & Short Latin lexicon. It searches as you type, showing either short definitions or full definitions along with citations. The app also has an integrated Roman numeral converter. SPQR Latin Dictionary and Reader app for iPhone is pretty stable. It opened pretty quickly, and things ran smoothly. While testing, we have not encountered any freeze or crashes.


SPQR Latin Dictionary and Reader for iPhone is an app that no serious Latin student should be without. The app gives them a means to learn and practice Latin on the go. To an extent, it also comes as a cheaper alternative to costly texts and aids that an intermediate Latin student might need while learning the language. The UI is minimalistic and practical. A fast searchable copy of Lewis & Short Latin lexicon gets you to the words you’re looking for in no time. The integrated Roman numeral converter helps you decode the Roman numerals quickly. Check it out if you’re one who is learning Latin as a foreign language.

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