Online Auction Valuer App for iPhone Review

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For how much will an item sell in eBay? Online Auction Valuer for iPhone is designed to aid both sellers and buyers in eBay or other auction sites. It acts as a price guide for an item you’re searching by providing the medium pricing for that particular item. You can get Online Auction Valuer iPhone app for $0.99 from iTunes.

Online Auction Valuer App Features

Online Auction Valuer app for iPhone provides an idea as to how much an item worth based on the average. More specifically, the app works by searching recently sold listings and calculating the average and median (more accurate than average) price for the searched item. The app calculates and displays the median, mean, trimmed mean, standard deviation and price range. To start with, you enter the name of the item you want to search in the text field. The app then starts to search, but you got to choose the relevant category before you’re returned with the final result.

Online Auction Valuer App for iPhone

Online Auction Valuer app supports sample sizes of about 1000 recent listings so that you will get a fair idea of a reasonable sale price for most items. The app sports a minimal yet beautiful UI. The white background makes it easier to read the category names. Of course, while searching for an item, some of the users might only need the price of new or used items. Online Auction Value for iPhone can be tweaked to return results from select categories. As of now, Online Auction Valuer app for iPhone supports 12 countries, including the US, UK, Canada and Western Europe. In fact, this is its big downside as it does not work for most Asian countries. Online Auction Valuer app is compatible with iOS versions 4.3 or later.


Online Auction Valuer app for iPhone would come handy if you regularly buy/sell items in online auction web sites such as eBay. Based on the item/category you choose, the app returns results with the average/median price range for the same. In fact, the app shows mean, trimmed mean, standard deviation alongside the medial price ranges. The UI is well designed. The only apparent limitation of the app at the moment is that it supports on 12 countries. Hopefully, new countries will be added in the later versions. Verdict: Check it out if you’re a regular trader in online auction sites, as seller or buyer.

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