ElephantBites App for iPhone Review

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Are you at times quite overawed by the sheer size of the project you’re managing? Perhaps ElephantBites for iPhone could extend you a helping hand. It is an innovative app that takes big projects (app calls it Elephants) and breaks it down into manageable and actionable bites. You can get ElephantBites app for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

ElephantBites App Features

When you fire up ElephantBites app for iPhone for the first time, you’ll see Creighton Adams quote that reads “When eating an elephant, take one bite at a time.” It sums up the concept and purpose of ElephantBites app. ElephantBites helps you take that overwhelming project and break it down into small actionable bites. It is pretty easy to do. Once you add a project, you can start adding bites: small tasks that you can tick off as you go. The UI is simple with intuitive gestures such as swipe-left to mark a task as complete and swipe-right to delete. Further, you can reorder tasks by tapping, holding and dragging tasks up and down the list. Of course proper project management requires keeping tab of the progress of your tasks. ElephantBites for iPhone let you view the status of all your projects from one screen. Progress bars indicate how many bites you’d completed for each project. When you finish a project, you’ll be given an Elephant trophy to remind you of your accomplishments.

ElephantBites App for iPhone

Performance wise, ElephantBites app for iPhone is pretty stable and responsive. We have no experienced any lags or freezing while testing the product. ElephantBites app is compatible with iOS versions 6.1 or higher. The app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Final Thoughts

ElephantBites app for iPhone implements the concept of ‘divide and rule’ in project management. The app let you handle a big project by breaking down into more manageable ‘bites’ and execute it at a macro level. Well designed UI and helpful gesture controls make the job a lot easier. It is also pretty easy to track the progress of bites and projects. The Elephant trophy is a funny way to appreciate your efforts. The app is also reasonably stable and responsive. Verdict: An innovative to-do app to manage big projects. Check it out.

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