Fotor HDR App for iPhone Review

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If you’re in the lookout for multistyle HDR camera app, Fotor HDR for iPhone might just fit the bill. It let you create your masterpieces in just a couple of clicks. You can get Fotor HDR for $1.99 from iTunes.

Fotor HDR App Features

Fotor HDR app for iPhone is like having a High Dynamic Range camera in your pocket. Don’t be amused if you feel like a professional photographer while snapping pictures. The app let you click amazing high resolution photos using your iPhone. The interface is simply gorgeous and easy to use. With a single tap, you can apply one of ten exclusive HDR preset styles to suit your requirements. Further, you can fine tune the brightness, contrast, saturation and Vignette for complete artistic control. Another notable feature is the dual capture mode, an innovative technology that lets you shoot and process HDR immediately, or shoot and automatically save the multiple-exposure sets for later processing so you can keep shooting fast. Design wise, the interface is inspired by iOS 7, so it looks right at home on your iPhone.

Fotor HDR App for iPhone

The advanced alignment and ghost-reduction technology lets you shoot hand-held without worrying about moving objects. In other words, since most of us rarely use a tripod to shoot using iPhone, this feature reduces the occurrence of blurry ghosts that will appear if the camera isn’t held still. Said feature also comes handy in taking action shots. Fotor HDR app is compatible with iOS versions 6.0 or higher.

Final Thoughts

Fotor HDR app for iPhone provides the easiest, most powerful way to capture, process, and share you HDR images. It has the most advanced capture modes, keep multiple-exposure sets, full 32-bit HDR processing, and a range of editing options. No need for heavy equipment or complicated interfaces. With Fotor HDR for iPhone, you’ll be totally in control from capture to completion. The UI is easy to use for most parts. The advanced alignment and ghost-reduction technology removes ‘ghosts’ from photos. Fotor HDR manages to recreate the quality of images captured using bulky HDR cameras to a good extent. If you are a photo enthusiast, this one is worth your money spent on it.

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