Asian Cuisines App for iPhone Review

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If you love Asian food, this is one app that you should consider downloading in your iPhone. Asian Cuisines app for iPhone features about 90 tasty, easy, authentic Asian meals from Korea, Japan, China and Thailand. This includes dishes for all occasions, from party snacks to dinner options. You can get Asian Cuisines app for $3.99 from iTunes App Store.

Asian Cuisines App Features

Asian Cuisines app for iPhone virtually walks you through the process of preparing a dish with the aid of step-by-step photo and text instructions. Crystal clear instructions and exact measurements mean your dishes can compete with the dishes prepared by the best Asian chefs. All you got to do is to follow the instructions as it is. Navigating the app is efficient and intuitive. The built-in shopping lists come handy. They help you to stay organized while you are shopping for ingredients. Further, you have an option to mark your favorite recipes for later reference. The recipes are marked by easy to comprehend icons for vegetarian, low-sodium, low fat, and high fiber content entrees. So it is easy to skip the meat dishes if you’re vegetarian. Of course, the duration of cooking is important for the right taste. The app comes with a quick and easy alarm that you can set without even leaving the recipe page. You can also email recipes to your friends from within the app.

Asian Cuisines App for iPhone

Asian Cuisines app for iPhone follows the metric system as in every part of Asia. So every quantity is given in grams or millimeters. A suitable in-app conversion tool would have come handy for US users. While the app covers Korea, Japan, China and Thailand cuisines, it still misses Indian or Vietnamese cuisine which has lots of fans all around the globe. Hopefully future editions of the app will include those as well.


Asian Cuisines app for iPhone provides the recipes for some of the best Asian cuisines. Every recipe is backed by step-by-step photo and text instructions on how to prepare the dish. The alarm feature comes handy so is the option to email recipes from within the app. If you like any particular recipe, you can add it to your favorites. It also has an efficient tagging system so that you can discern the dish types in a quick glance. Since the app follows metric system, it might perplex US users a bit. Verdict: A must have app if you love Asian cuisine such as Chinese or Japanese foods.

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