RC Trackpad App for iPhone Review

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RC Trackpad app turns your iPhone into a fully secure wireless multi-touch trackpad, keyboard, remote and more for your Mac or PC. By enabling remote access/action, it improves your productivity significantly. You can get RC Trackpad app for $3.99 from iTunes App Store.

RC Trackpad App Features

To use RC Trackpad app for iPhone is compatible as a controller for Mac or PC. But you got to have RC Helper installed in it. Don’t worry. RC Helper is a free utility. Also, you’ll need a common WiFi between your iPhone and computer. When you begin using RC Trackpad, it is worthwhile to go through the Getting Started guide. Unlike most app tutorials, which might be long and winding, the guide strikes a right balance between length and usefulness of info. For first time users, it certainly helps learn the rope quickly. RC Trackpad for iPhone boasts configurable multi-touch gestures to perform common tasks on your computer. The app uses a secure encrypted connection (256-bit AES SSL) to ensure maximum security. Further, it comes with a remote keyboard with 72 extended keys including ctrl, alt, win, cmd, arrow, and function. The app automatically finds installed programs on your computer, features thumbnail based app / document switcher, landscape and portrait support, and volume controls.

RC Trackpad App for iPhone

The older version of the app had some bugs, which are fixed in the latest release. The new version of RC Trackpad for iPhone app comes with a set of new features including a bunch of key features, universal support, an improved interface, force quit abilities, and Mac notification center actions. Other notable features of RC Trackpad for IPhone include the ability to set attractive background images, and set the tracking speed of your mouse. But what really makes the app great is the fact that it works seamlessly without any glitch. It is slick and responsive. RC Trackpad is compatible with iOS 5.1 or later.

Final Thoughts

RC Trackpad for iPhone let you create a secure link between your iPhone and your computer. With the app, you can launch any application on your PC, find and switch to open documents, or adjust volume control, all from a distance using your iPhone. Getting Started guide will aid first time users to learn about its operations. Customization options come handy. Verdict: Check it out.

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