Oxford Dictionary of English T App for Android Review

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It is pretty difficult to understand English terminology for a common man, even sometimes knowledgeable persons also struggle to find out meaning for used English words and phrases. Now with the help of technology, we can now get access to Oxford dictionary online over Smartphone. Oxford Dictionary of English T for Android is an application with enlarge database of words and phrases for general as well as specific uses. Thus it is very easy for someone to quickly find meaning for any words used in newspaper, articles and books.


Oxford Dictionary of English T app for Android is full of features and can be used as reference to know meaning of unknown words. It has certain features like quick access and smart filters to help locating the exact word, or keyword definitions. The app offers comprehensive coverage of English language. When you install Oxford Dictionary for English T app, you got access to thousands of words derived from the most recent research from the Oxford team. Actually the app provides complete and precise picture of the English language today. You can also listen more than 75, 000 audio pronunciations of both common and uncommon words which are recorded with both British and American voice accent. This feature of the app is very helpful to master words pronunciations including words with multiple or different pronunciations.

Oxford Dictionary of English T App for Android

Users can use fuzzy filter features to search words when they are not so sure about spellings, you just need to type few letters of word and the app will pop up nearest results to select. Oxford Dictionary of English is a perfect reference application for all type of users like professionals, students or academicians who needs comprehensive and trustworthy dictionary of current English. One important thing is that it is free to download but only for one day trial after that you need to purchase the app for $29.96. This app is compatible with Android version (2.2) or higher.


Oxford Dictionary of English and Thesaurus is one of the best applications to enhance word power and building English vocabulary. You can learn a new word everyday by enabling “Daily” feature in the app. Smart educational application to improve command over English language.

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