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While most of us enjoy going for a vacation, the real headache is packing everything for the trip. No matter how diligently you pack your items, there seems to be something that inadvertently you forget to include. But you can breathe easy with Packing Pro for iPhone. You can delegate the planning aspect of packing to the app, and instead focus on ensuring that everything listed in the app is stuffed into the suitcase. Packing Pro app can be downloaded from iTunes App Store for $2.99.


With the aid of Packing Pro app for iPhone, you can make your own list of items and necessities that you require for the trip. It makes it lot easier to compile a list of everything you might need for the trip, including the quantity of each, and you can check them off the list before you leave your home. For starters, the app will generate a list of items it think you’ll need for the trip automatically, based on the number of people, age, destination and other little bit of related info. You also got an option to click pictures of individual items. The app provides an option to add priority and “still need to buy” with icons and checkbox indications for list items.

Packing Pro Android App

The UI can be customized to suit your tastes. This includes themes, font choices, color etc. Further, you got layout options to display and preview item images directly on list page. Other notable features include the ability to seamlessly delete, organize and merge options for list items, options for wireless sharing through Dropbox, Airdrop, Box & iCloud Drive. You also got the option to add filters by bag or person. Packing Pro app for iPhone is found to be stable and responsive. The app requires iOS versions 6.0 or later.

Final Thoughts

Packing Pro app for iPhone is an ideal app for travel enthusiasts as it frees your head from packing woes. It helps organize the items to be packed, based on an automatically generated list based on the number of people traveling, their ages and related information. You have the options to add filters to individual bags or person to easily sort items, click photos of items, or add priority to individual items. The app also provides lots of customization options. The UI is well designed. The app is also slick and responsive. We suggest that you check out this app, if you’re planning to go for a vacation soon.

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